A robust quality control

Priority management axis for Texpart Technologies, the enterprise invest significant ressources in the humain and organisation terms to guarantee it's products quality. All employees are invested in the quality approach, to ensure our clients satisfaction

System quality

ISO 9000 and EN9100 normes are at the center of this system. Regular audits are carried out to identify and implement points of improvement in the quality process. The entierty of our teams participates to the evolution of our operating methods for higher efficiency.

Product quality

customer oriented, Texpart Technologies meets the requirements requested for control of manufactured parts and sub-assemblies by following each step of the production process with discipline and rigor. many means are deployed, from visual control to dimensionnal and three-dimensionnal control of the pieces. New methodologies are also exploited related with evolving technologies such as contactless controls, cameras, etc…

Our equipment

Our equipments