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Texpart Technologies advices you in the MIM technology, the injection of metal powder under pressure into a die.
Metal injection mouldings can offer incredible advantages, with the ability to produce small parts with complex shapes, intricate details and accurate tolerances. All of these features combined with excellent material properties, enable components to be made which are often impractical to produce by other means, often resulting in incredible cost savings.

Mechanical caracteristics :

Size:                                      2 mm à 50 mm
Length :                                150 mm
Maximum weight:                  100 g
Wall thickness and wholes:   from 0,5 mm

Materials :

Steal, stainless steal (17-4 PH, 316L etc), nickel and cobalt alloys, magnetic iron, kovar, tool steels (type 100C-6)
Medical alloys: titanium and implantable stainless steal