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Advanced technology solutions for laser cutting of microtubes

Laser cutting of microtube is the process by which the base material of the tube is selectively cut to form various shapes, holes, patterns and channels using a controllable precision laser. The base material (tube) is held in a controllable lathe, where the tube rotates according to design specifications while the laser makes the cuts. Laser cutting of microtubes can create through holes of any shape, as small as the wall thickness of the material, and is also often used to cut channels that allow easy bending and welding of the tube for bent tubes.

Our experienced engineers and innovative laser processing systems enable us to offer optimal laser solutions for the most complex applications within standard time frames.

We know that you are constantly racing against the clock to get your projects done on time. That's why Texpart Technologies offers you the remarkable advantages of microtube laser cutting! Our microtube laser cutting services can help you stay on track and improve your results.

How microtube laser cutting services are the ideal solution

The design requirements for product parts and components have increased dramatically in recent decades.

The design requirements for product parts and components have increased dramatically over the past few decades. Many assemblies now consist of much smaller and more complex components that require precision cutting to tighter tolerances. Microtube laser cutting services offer the ideal solution. Custom designed parts can now be produced more efficiently and with greater precision than in the past. The microtube laser cutting process uses a concentrated, powerful laser beam that can cut through material to produce custom shapes and designs.

With their ability to cut a wide range of shapes and patterns with increased precision and accuracy, Microtube laser cutting services offer manufacturers several advantages over other conventional cutting machines. In particular, the process produces cost-effective components to exact specifications, with high-quality finishes and smooth edges, safely and consistently, with less material, damage and waste.

Quality and efficiency of laser cutting of microtubes

Laser cutting of microtubes is Texpart's core service. It is a technology that uses stimulated emission light amplification to cut materials and is commonly used in aerospace and medical applications.

This type of cutting uses a high-powered, computer-controlled laser on the material to be cut. Under the effect of the laser, the material melts, burns, vaporizes or is removed by a gas jet, leaving the edge surface with a high quality finish.

Why choose laser cutting for microtubes?

Microtube laser cutting is faster than mechanical cutting systems and can complete complex parts in seconds. This type of cutting is also efficient because it uses the material to the maximum, with minimal material waste. It is more environmentally friendly as it generates less waste and requires minor replacement of parts.

Increased accuracy

Our microtube laser cutting services are designed to provide precise, clean and accurate cuts to meet the most unique requirements of your medical device.

Optimal processing speed

With our microtube laser cutting experts and advanced microtube cutting processes, we are able to provide faster tube cutting services for simple or complex geometries.

Unmatched quality

Texpart Technologies strives to provide consistent quality microtube laser cutting services through its automated manufacturing processes. Thanks to our ISO quality management system, we guarantee that tube cutting is both safe and traceable.

Shorter turnaround times

Texpart Technologies has years of experience in using laser technology to provide high quality laser welding and cutting with superior strength and visual appearance.

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We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in product concept development and help you solve your engineering problems. With decades of experience in the metals industry, you can count on Texpart Technologies as a resource for the design and manufacture of your metal products.

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Whether you're an engineer, builder, fabricator or landscaper, you need high-quality materials and precision cutting, fabrication and bending to meet your specifications, budget and schedule. We didn't become the market leader in microtube laser cutting overnight.

Our continued success and growth is the result of an unwavering commitment to quality and precision, and a focus on our customers. We have invested heavily in our equipment, technology and processes for a long time, and we will continue to develop and update our capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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