Lost-wax casting


Lost-wax casting offers many advantages when making metal components, especially when complex shapes are required.A significant portion of the machining operations can be avoided; there are more design possibilities; the components can be made lighter; previously assembled components can be made using lost-wax casting to obtain a single part.

Technical caracteristics:

  • tolerances ± 0,125 mm by 25 mm, depending on the complexity of the component
  • no burrs and no parting lines
  • no ejection
  • surface condition : 3,2 microns (N8, 125 CLA)
  • tool : aluminium tools are used for the productions of wax forms; tool costs are relatively low, modifications are easily achievable and the tool life is excellent 
  • size: length < 5mm to more than 600 mm
  • Quantities: from prototype to large series: the quantity depends on the size and complexity of the part; economical production is 100 parts but batches of 25 parts are very common
  • rapid prototyping: use of stereolithography or similar method of prototyping; rapid production of prototypes and samples 

Alloys :

  • Tool steel or stainless steel (heat resisting steals)
  • Nickel and cobalt based alloys
  • Magnetic alloys 
  • Aluminium and zinc alloys
  • Coper alloys

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